Our Finances

2019/20 saw Be Caring posting a profit which started to reverse the trend of consistent year on year losses.  This means we can invest in our communities and reward our colleagues as an employee owned organisation and social enterprise.


From our turnover of £19.3m, 88% was actual pay costs for our workforce demonstrating this organisation is truly about people.  10% was spent on travel, office costs, PPE, IT etc with 2% generated as profit.

The move to a profitable position was based on the back of operational decisions to prioritise operational delivery in our four key areas of Tyneside, Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool.  We decided to exit Knowsley and Doncaster due to the financial constraints in these areas and hence our ability to maintain the quality under such constraints.

We anticipate our profitability will increase on the back of effective decision making and prioritising our resources to increase the quality of our delivery. In future we will continue to ensure we secure the right contracts working in partnership in a truly transparent way with our commissioners and partners.  

We will continue to share our financial data and progress in the spirit of a true community social enterprise.

Where Our Money Comes From

We deliver more than 20,000 hours of care and support every week. 

Just over 11,000 hours of care and support is delivered in Tyneside – where 55% of our income comes from

Where We Spend Our Money

88% of all our income is on pay costs for our workforce demonstrating this organisation is truly about people. Only 2% is surplus.

Consolidated Profit and Loss

For more details about our finances, here is our most recent Profit and Loss breakdown.

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